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Class II Base (Virgin)

Sonoma County and Cal Trans Spec Class II. Native rock with no recycled materials. Generally used to form a base for roads, parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, and used under asphalt. Designed to compact tightly when the right equipment is used. May be used as a sub base under foundations.

Class II Base (Recycled)

Sonoma County and Cal Trans Spec Class II. Contains recycled materials, including asphalt, concrete, porcelin and roofing tiles crushed into 1" minus. Environmentally friendly and can be used in applications such as roads, parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks.

1 1/2" Crushed Blue Base (ASB)

Aggregate Sub Base most commonly used for wetter areas that don't have to be covered with asphalt or concrete. Provides additional stability over ¾'' baserock and holds up well under tough weather conditions. Often paved over with 3/4 or Class II.

3/8" Brown Pathway

Commonly used for roads and paths for state parks because of its brown natural looking color. Blends in nicely with the natural landscape. Often left exposed.

3/4" Crushed Blue Base (ASB)

One of our most popular products for road base, this Aggregate Sub Base contains clay and compacts very well and holds up to vehicle traffic. Great choice for homeowners for driveways and parking areas.

1/2" Crushed Blue Base (ASB)

This aggregate sub base contains less rock and more fines, and is great for lighter traffic pathways.

1 1/2' Crushed Red Base (ASB)

Aggregate sub base used for road base. It contains clay and has good compaction when the proper equipment is used. It holds up well to traffic.

3/4" Crushed Red Base (ASB)

Commonly used for roads in state parks because of it's natural red color. It blends in nicely with the natural landscapes. Often left exposed.

Structural Backfill

Often used by construction companies behind walls, and for backfilling ditches after bedding pipe and before applying Class II.

Blue Bank Run

Unscreened 6" minus, dug directly from hill, used for wet areas with tough conditions that need more rock in the material. Fines will compact to create more stable surface. Cheaper alternative to use when building new roads or driveways and should apply ¾'' base rock as top layer to cover big rocks.

Red Fill

This is the overburden from the top of our quarry. Popular, less expensive product that contains less rock and is a great way to fill in low areas, and level sloped yards, compacts well. Depending on application, can be covered with grass or base rock.