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What are your hours of business?

Our Forestville location is open 7-5 Weekdays, 7- Noon on Saturdays, and closed Sundays. Cazadero location is open 7-3:30 Weekdays, and closed Saturdays and Sundays.

How do I determine how much rock I'll need for my project?

There are several things to consider when calculating the amount of rock, including the thickness of the layer and the type of rock. Our calculator will give a fairly accurate estimate. You'll need to put in the area and the rock type, and the calculator will figure out the tonnage. Feel free to call our sales representative for further assistance. We're here to answer any questions.

What's the difference between Concrete Mixes and Control Density Fill, or CDF?

Concrete mixes are best for patios, foundations, footings, slabs, and walls, or anything that needs a high strength level, or a high cement content. Control density fill, or CDF, is great for backfill used for ditches, allowing you to dig through it without breaking pipes, or for other jobs that require a low strength, or low cement content.

Do you deliver concrete bins?

We will deliver debris bins if you're breaking up slabs of concrete. We drop off, pick up, and recycle concrete.

What depth of rock should I put down on my road if it's dirt or already has a base down?

That all depends on where you live and the condition of your road. For example, if you live in Sebastopol, where the dirt turns to mud in the winter, we recommend you put down at least 4 to 6 inches of rock. If you need assistance, just call our sales department and we'll be glad to guide you.

What size riprap do you carry?

Canyon Rock carries everything from 6" to 18 ton riprap (that's 14' by 14' rock).

Do you have DMV weight certified scales?

Yes, we sure do.

Do you have fill material?

Yes, we have what's called overburden, which is red, comes off the top of the quarry, and makes great fill.

Do you have planting soil?

No, but we do have quarry fines, which are perfect for mixing with soil.

What's the difference between base rock and drain rock?

Base rock has fines and compacts very well. Drain rock is clean, crushed sandstone with no fines.

What's the best material for a horse arena?

We recommend washed sand for horse arenas.

What is the height and length of your trucks?

Our trucks are 13' 6" in height. The 10-wheeler is 18-20' long. The transfer is over 40 feet long.

What do you recycle?

Forestville location:
We recycle: Concrete and concrete products Asphalt Bricks Toilets (not including internal parts) Porcelain Granite