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We blend different materials to create mixes suitable for any job. We also have the ability to customize to match engineers' specifications. If you are looking for a specific size that we don't have listed call our sales representative who would be happy to help you.

Class II Permeable

A mix of sand and rock that allows water to drain through it. Typically used behind walls, where drainage is necessary. Clean material that meets Cal Trans specifications. If used behind walls filter fabric is not necessary.

3/8'' Concrete Mix

3/8'' to 1/4'' minus. We make several types to meet different city specifications. Call our sales representative for more information and specifications.

3/4'' Concrete Mix

Combination of our sand and concrete rock that is premixed and ready to have cement added. Perfect for smaller, backyard projects and homeowners.

3/8'' Concrete Mix

Combination of our sand and concrete rock that is premixed and ready to have cement added. Smaller rock creates a better finish for thin sections. Popular product for backyard projects for and homeowner use.

River Concrete Mix

Natural, round imported river material. Not crushed.

Ready Mix Concrete

For homeowners or construction jobs, whatever your concrete need is, we can fill it – literally. We can also customize the mix to suit your project. Call our sales representative for more information.

River Ready Mix

The mission of River Ready Mix is to supply our customers with high quality ready mixed concrete and concrete products, while maintaining an efficient, prompt and friendly service. More Information here

Cement Treated Base

Base rock mixed with cement. Available in all different percentages of cement. Often used if base rock alone isn't working in a certain area. It's also used as a base to avoid off-hauling large amounts of dirt and allows for thinner layers of asphalt or concrete.

Roller Compacted Concrete

Cheaper alternative to asphalt and can be used instead of asphalt on some projects. Great for driveways and large parking lots. Environmentally friendly product that can be made of all recycled materials or concrete aggregates, along with cement. Stronger than asphalt but lacks its flexibility

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