About Canyon Rock

Stewards of the land

Being a leader in the local concrete and aggregate industry, we are continually making advancements and upgrades to our facility and equipment to be as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible.

Minimizing our carbon footprint is very important to us now and well into the future. Along with keeping our facility and equipment environmentally friendly, Canyon Rock was the first local aggregate producer to start recycling concrete and asphalt in 1975, and we continue to do so today. We are dedicated to producing quality products and we believe in building lasting relationships with our community and our customers.

Reducing our carbon footprint

We recycle 95% of the water used in the washing process to produce high-quality aggregate products. In addition to reusing water, we recycle concrete, asphalt, and concrete washout by processing it and producing base rock, which is then reused by our customers. We also maintain an environmentally friendly fleet and ensure our trucks and equipment exceed current emission regulation standards. We care about our community and our resources and are always looking for new ways to improve our impact on the environment. One way this dedication shows is through our reclamation efforts and replanting of approximately 700 trees a year.

Powered by clean energy

We became a Sonoma Clean Power (SCP) customer when their electric generation became an alternative to PG & E, ensuring that our purchased electricity has much lower greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions. We intend to enroll in SCP’s Evergreen Program, ensuring that all utility-provided electricity used by Canyon Rock is GHG-free. More recently, we have completed the installation of a large 520 kW solar photovoltaic (PV) system to provide clean renewable energy to the facility, and a large Tesla battery system to reduce the site’s demands on the utility distribution system, making it more robust and reliable, while storing any excess solar energy.

Family Owned & Operated

Canyon Rock has been a leader in the industry in supplying quality aggregate and concrete since the 1970s. The Trappe family, originally from Freestone, CA owned a dairy ranch and would purchase materials from Canyon Rock for their roads. In 1972, Canyon Rock was for sale and purchased by Adolph Trappe, and has been family owned and operated ever since. Adolph’s son, Wendel, and his wife Gwen have kept Canyon Rock as a family-operated business over the years and their three children are now a vital part of the company as well.

Canyon Rock has been built by three generations, with hopes to soon have its fourth generation learning the business. Aggregate is a vital part of structures that support everyday life and it is important to have local sources. Canyon Rock’s goal is to produce aggregate and concrete products in the most efficient, sustainable way possible into the next generation while adapting to a changing climate and evolving demand, all while making the best use of people and technology to make products in which we and our community are all proud.

Community Involved

Canyon Rock and the Trappe family are very involved with the community. Living in the community where the business operates helps us appreciate and recognize the impact we can have by being involved. As long as our business has been in operation, we have been donating rock, concrete, equipment, and anything else we have available to us in order to benefit our community. In addition to tangible donations, the Trappe family also donates an unmeasurable amount of time to numerous non-profit organizations. We believe in giving back to our community and our customers.